Diversifying Your Social Media Posts

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Social media has become increasingly saturated with posts from many profiles featuring similar types of content. For your brand to stand out, you should always be looking to keep your social media posts relevant, engaging, and diversified.

woman on smart phone checking social media

How Can I Diversify My Social Media Posts?

Continuously posting the same basic messages to your social media pages makes for a boring user experience and may deter potential customers from interacting with your brand and paying for your product or service. To keep your social media audience engaged, you need to provide your followers with fresh, interesting content they’ll actually want to look at and read. A good rule of thumb is limiting promotional posts to around 20% of your published content. You can fill the other 80% with posts that include buzzworthy updates within your industry, fascinating facts, or other miscellaneous but relevant content. You know your customers best, so you probably have some great insight as to the types of content you think will best resonate with them.

Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our team of social media marketing experts can work with you to create the types of posts that boost your brand visibility while driving in new business.

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