Microsoft 365 Email

Microsoft 365 Email

Having an email address that uses your domain name, such as , is not only a smart marketing move, but it makes your company look much more professional. If you’re still using a Gmail, Yahoo! or (gasp!) AOL email account, you should seriously consider upgrading to Microsoft 365 email.

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Smarter Email that Makes Your Life Easier

With Microsoft 365 email, all your devices stay in sync. If you read a message on your office computer, it appears as read on your smartphone. If you send an email from your phone, it’ll be in the sent items folder on your laptop. Add a contact to your address book in one place, it’ll be available everywhere. The state of your mailbox is consistent, now matter where you’re using it.

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Email Addresses for All Key Players

Sharing an inbox is not only frustrating for you and your staff, it creates communication challenges both internally and externally. Very often it can create confusion for your customers as they may not know who they are emailing or who’s answering.

At $4 per month, per mailbox, Microsoft 365 email is one of the most affordable solutions anywhere.


Utility Addresses and Distribution Groups

While all your client-facing staff should have their own address, it’s helpful to have other “general inboxes” for situations where more than one person needs to check for messages. For instance, when orders are placed on your website. Having a sales@ or info@ address that gets shared with multiple recipients is the answer. And since these types of addresses are free with your Microsoft 365 account, it’s a real no-brainer!

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