Custom WordPress Website Development

Custom WordPress Website Development

Out of the box, WordPress is a truly remarkable website content management system (CMS). And for the majority of small businesses, its core functionality can do everything they need. But sometimes a project calls for something more. For example, capturing or organizing custom content types or documents and giving site users an easy way to search and sort them. This may require special software or modifications to the site’s database. The programmers and database administrators at Electric Bricks can help conceive and design elegant solutions to many complex website challenges.

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From planning to programming, we keep you involved in the process with easy-to-manage milestones and testing. We know you may not be a software developer, but helping you understand your own data is a critical part of every project. And we make sure that the scope of the project always stays true to your goals.


We’re Not Just Designers, We’re Website Developers

Every custom project we build is a unique solution to a specific business challenge. And while not every problem requires a custom solution, having the ability to write our own WordPress plugins and customize WordPress’ database gives us the flexibility to help our clients in ways many other web designers just can’t. When it comes to building your custom solution, it will be a real programmer working on your project alongside the designers, so that when the whole thing comes together, it will look good and actually work, too!

Maintenance & Support

When we build a custom web application for your business, you can rest assured that, with our annual maintenance and support plans, we’ll be there in the months and years to come, keeping your software secure, bug-free, and working seamlessly with future versions of WordPress.

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