Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads & Social Media Marketing

Getting a handle on social media advertising can be truly overwhelming. The rapid evolution and constant changes in most social media advertising platforms make using them effectively a challenge for anyone who doesn’t use them every day and who’s busy running a business. Confusing terminology and abstract concepts associated with building social media ad campaigns can make the whole process frustrating and make you feel like you’re just throwing money away. Electric Bricks takes that frustration away by professionally building and managing your ad campaigns so they do what they were intended to do – help you make more money.

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Making Money with Facebook Ads & Instagram Advertising

Nearly 70% of Americans currently use Facebook. And since Facebook owns Instagram, their numbers aren’t too far behind. Advertising on Facebook and social media is not a good fit for every business, but depending on your business model, there may be thousands or even millions of Facebook users that fall perfectly into your target market. So how do you reach them? Throwing money into boosting a post and hoping for the best might sound tempting, but it’s generally not a very effective marketing strategy.

Our Facebook Ads experts can get your business seen by people with a genuine interest in buying your products or services. By targeting specific audiences, whether they are interest-based, gender-based, geographic, or some combination, we’ll build effective ads that target the right customers, speak directly to them, and increase conversions.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

How do you know what works if you never measure its effectiveness? The simple answer is you won’t. We provide our clients with streamlined, easy to understand reports showing the details that matter to them. For instance:

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  • How many people saw your ad?
  • Of those, how many clicked?
  • And of those clicks, how many turned into a purchase?

Knowing information like this allows you to make informed decisions about your strategy and your business.

And your dedicated account manager is monitoring your campaigns and regularly analyzing those reports, looking for new opportunities and ways to save you money while making your advertising campaigns even more efficient and effective.

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