The Crew

Electric Bricks has some of the most talented employees and contractors in the digital marketing industry. Each takes pride in their craft and always goes the extra mile for our clients.

Get to know us a little bit better…

Keith Paul

631-909-1004 x101

Project Management
Art Direction

Maryland Crew Member

Building his graphic arts roots working with Fortune 500 companies and large national brands in the commercial offset printing business in the early nineties, Keith Paul has a decades-long history of helping clients improve or develop an image that builds trust in their brand. Working for one of the largest commercial printers in Manhattan, he also got introduced to the world of website and software development when the company took the leap into the internet when it was still in its infancy.

Keith likes to say that he’s been building website for as long as there’s been an internet, and it’s true. Since the dial-up days he’s been building, designing, adapting, and growing as the technology has evolved. He has been accused of being both left- and right-brained – a talented and creative graphic artist with a logical and analytical computer programmer’s mentality.

As the creative art director and chief project manager, Keith has his hands in every project that Electric Bricks does. No site gets launched without his involvement and every client, no matter the size, knows they can speak to him at any time.

Keith was originally from Long Island and now resides in Maryland with his wife, Lisa. Skiing with his family, traveling, and relaxing on the beach are his passions. That, and a good sci-fi novel (when he has time!).

Gus Gonzalez

Blogging & Copywriting

New York Crew Member

Gus Gonzalez is a writer who loves to create eye-catching content that helps brands attract their dream audience. He began his career writing for a green travel magazine, but his versatile writing skills have led him to work with several marketing agencies and blogs nationwide.

Gus is also a digital nomad who has visited over 15 countries and lived in Southeast Asia for a few years. Whenever he’s not typing away at his keyboard, he enjoys traveling, photography, and trying different foods from around the world.

Steve Greco

Website & Graphic Design

New York Crew Member

Steve Greco is an exceptional graphic designer that specializes in website design, logo design and branding, and graphic design for print. He has decades of experience and is an expert in the entire Adobe Creative Suite of graphic design software.

Steve comes from a background ranging from small graphic design firms to large ad agencies where he’s worked on national print and TV campaigns. A designer at heart, he also enjoys coming up with promotional themes and copy concepts to fit a client’s needs. He is the creative engine behind the vast majority of the branding projects at Electric Bricks and has his hand in nearly every website project.

When Steve isn’t working, he enjoys golf, tennis, bike riding, and spending time with his family.

Matt Hogeboom

631-909-1004 x104

Website Design & Development
Project Management

California Crew Member

A former Senior Designer with Newsday, Matt Hogeboom has close to 2 decades of design and development experience and is an expert in UI, UX, mobile design, web design, branding and interaction design.

A fearless world traveler at heart who lived in Nicaragua for several years, Matt’s other passion is cooking and he loves preparing Latin-inspired dishes.

Chloe McGeehan

631-909-1004 x103

Project Management
Social Media

New York Crew Member

Chloe McGeehan brings each brand she works with to life through unique content creation and personalized social media engagement. Specializing in illustration and graphic design, her artistic talent and experience with many types of local small businesses make her a huge asset to the Electric Bricks social media team.

When Chloe isn’t busy creating, she loves being outdoors, hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family.

Megan Quinn

Blogging & Copywriting

New York Crew Member

Megan’s passion for writing began as an undergraduate at the State University of New York at New Paltz. During her time there, she enjoyed writing various genres in several creative writing courses.

She started content writing as an intern for the non-profit organization, The Borgen Project, where she wrote weekly blogs centering around global poverty.

After graduating with a BA in English and a minor in Creative Writing, she began interning for an online publisher focused on relationships, emotional wellness, entertainment, and news.

When she is not taking advantage of traveling with friends, Megan is reading, jogging, or transforming any piece of copy into a captivating story.

Kyle Ritterman

Google Ads & PPC

Vermont Crew Member

Kyle entered the digital advertising field with a focus on paid search at a British agency in New York City over 10 years ago. She continued to develop her expertise in search advertising while working at two large NYC agencies & one in Phoenix. She is often known as a “data-nerd” with a great attention to detail.

While Kyle grew up just outside of NYC, she has lived in 5 states and 2 countries. She currently lives in Vermont with her fiancée and two rescue dogs, Perri & Apollo, and enjoys spending her free time hiking the mountains in the summer and playing the piano. Kyle has a massive collection of frogs (not live) and likes to decorate her entire home with as many frog-themed items as possible (think toothbrush holder, toaster, sponge holder, cookie jar, etc.).

Russ Silberman

631-909-1004 x102

Blogging & Copywriting
Content Management

New York Crew Member

Russ Silberman started as the Social Media Manager for a large Manhattan-based entertainment website where he created and implemented highly successful digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. He later took on the role of Digital CRM & Website Manager at a thriving Long Island company, heading their social media and email marketing efforts while administrating their WordPress and Magento websites.

As the Digital Content Manager at Electric Bricks, Russ handles the creation, curation, and publication of online content for many of our clients. In combination with his ten-plus years of digital marketing experience, Russ’ passion for writing and communicative abilities have made him an integral part of the Electric Bricks team.