Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A successful email marketing strategy has the ability to boost revenue while keeping customers engaged with your brand. But creating emails that your customers will actually open, and preventing those emails from being marked as spam, isn’t always easy. And finding the time when you’re running a small business is always a challenge.

Email Marketing Campaign & Content Creation

Maybe you’ve sent out email marketing campaigns in the past that didn’t achieve the results you were looking for. Or perhaps you know your business could benefit from email marketing, but you don’t have the time it takes to write and design the emails yourself. Our marketing experts can help you not only plan your campaign, but create professional looking, attention grabbing graphics, write compelling copy and subject lines, and most importantly, develop a call to action that will get clicks.

Email List Creation & Segmentation

Do you have a large list of customers in Gmail or Outlook that you’d like to reach? No problem. We can import your existing customer list into a personalized email database. And with advanced segmentation, we have the ability to target specific customers based on criteria you specify.

Automated personalization tools even let us speak directly to each recipient, addressing them on a first-name basis in the emails.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Tracking the results of your email campaigns is an essential step that can help increase the success rate of future emails. Our reports show you exactly who opened each email, which links were clicked, if it was forwarded or shared, and much more. We help you make sense of the numbers and provide you with detailed analytics, showing what works and where there is room for improvement.

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