Why Are “About” Pages Important?

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Creating an informative, well-written “About” page on your website gives your brand a voice and builds trust, proving to your customers that there are real people behind your site and your business. Think about the last time you were searching online for a specific product or service. If you stumbled upon a business’s site without a webpage dedicated to describing exactly what they do and who they are, you’d probably move on to the next one.

“My Business Does Great Work, Why Do I Need a Webpage to Prove It?”

Although you’re great at what you do, there is a good chance that many of the people searching for your product or service may have never heard of your business. A professionally written about page provides potential customers with a friendly introduction, enticing them to contact you and learn more.

Begin Building a Positive Online Presence

Need help creating a page that shows exactly what your business is about? Our team of web content copywriters create an about page that helps you stand out from the competition, pulling in new business opportunities.

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