Web Content Copywriting for Higher Conversion Rates

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Building a website that successfully generates sales is the goal for nearly any type of business. And to achieve this, your website should be filled with quality content that encourages visitors to take the action you want them to take. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can leverage the written content on your website to prompt users to take that desired action and boost your conversion rates.

What Is a Website Conversion?

A website conversion is when a visitor to your website takes your desired action, achieving one of the results your website was built for. If you run a service business, a website conversion could be when someone calls you to schedule an appointment. If you have an eCommerce site, a conversion would probably be when someone purchases one of your products. But there are also website conversions that may not directly relate to sales. Conversions that lead to sales are known as macro conversions, while conversions that further the probability of a sale are called micro conversions.

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Why Do I Need Micro Conversions?

Not every website visitor is going to contact you or make a purchase right away. In fact, most website visitors are probably going to leave your site moments after it finishes loading; this is called a bounce. To minimize your bounce rate and lead your website visitors to take action, you need content that engages them, convincing visitors to take the steps (micro conversions) that could lead to a macro conversion. Micro conversions include actions such as:

  • Signing up for your email list
  • Following your business on social media
  • Adding your product to their cart
  • Clicking through to specific pages on your website
  • Filling out a contact form

How Can Web Content Copywriting Increase Conversion Rates?

Hypothetically, let’s say you own a car dealership. On your lot, salespeople have the advantage of face-to-face interactions with customers, enabling them to gauge their interest and hopefully talk them into buying a car.

But on your website, you need to rely on the content to do the talking, enticing visitors to buy what you’re offering. And this is true for every type of business, whether you’re a car dealer or a carpenter. When building your website, every page should be written for a purpose. Well written content can grab visitors’ attention and lead them toward your desired result.

Some best practices to accomplish this with your web content include:

  • Create personas for your target market to figure out the most effective way to speak to them (think of your current customers; what made them choose you and who are they demographically?)
  • Use the active voice (talk directly to your visitors, like how I’ve been “speaking” to you throughout this post)
  • Include your key points toward the top of each page (visitors aren’t going to scroll down to read more if you’ve lost their interest on line one)
  • Use calls to action that make it easier for visitors to take the next step (Including a link to your contact form within “Contact us today at (555)555-555” will lead to more conversions than “Call us”)

Writer’s Block?

Our team of web copywriting experts can create content that boosts conversion rates while you focus on the important stuff, like running your business. Contact us today at (631)909-1004 for a free website consultation.

…see what I did there?

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