Minimizing Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your eCommerce Website

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most prevalent issues eCommerce website owners face. This article provides information on shopping cart abandonment and some of the most effective ways to decrease it.

What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

How often have you browsed an eCommerce site like Amazon or Etsy, added items to your shopping cart, and then left the website before making a purchase? That is considered shopping cart abandonment.

So, how do you minimize shopping cart abandonment on your own eCommerce site?

representation of an abandoned shopping cart

Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

User-Friendly Checkout Process

When a user visits your eCommerce site, the goal is to get that user to the point of purchase with as few clicks as possible. Therefore, providing user-friendly navigation along with easy-to-understand instructions when necessary can significantly increase your conversion rate. Additionally, providing multiple payment options helps accommodate each customer’s individual payment preference. Some of the most popular payment options include:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Square

Guest Checkout

Creating an account on an eCommerce website may not seem like a grueling process; however, many people turn away at the site of a “create my account” form. Providing customers with a guest checkout option enables them to make a purchase securely without going through the account setup process. And even when a customer opts to use guest checkout, you will still have their email address and other data you can implement in future marketing campaigns.

Free Shipping

Depending on the product(s) you sell, the increased sales generated by offering customers free shipping can considerably outweigh the correlating costs. You may also consider offering free shipping at a specific price point (e.g., free shipping on orders over $35.00). You can strategically place this price point in a range conducive to larger purchases.

young female running an eCommerce website

Customer Service

When shopping at a brick-and-mortar business, you are typically greeted and helped by an employee. You should emulate that experience on an eCommerce site by providing users with easy access to support. It is vital to respond to emailed customer inquiries promptly. You can take it a step further by integrating live chat support and providing consumers with immediate feedback. These actions build trust with website visitors, increasing their likelihood of purchasing.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Various website plugins and tools let you know when a customer abandons their cart. And if you have the correlating email address, you can send them a friendly reminder to revisit your eCommerce site to complete their purchase. Additionally, you can include incentives such as exclusive discounts, making it more enticing for them to finish their transaction.

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