Social Media Management – Learning About Your Target Market

Creating social media posts that maximize user engagement and reach requires you to have a comprehensive understanding of your target market. Of course, information like their age, gender, and income is helpful, but you should also learn the types of language and imagery most likely to lead to positive interactions.

Psychographic Research for Social Media Management

While target market demographics define the people who want to pay for your product or service, psychographics help determine the reasoning behind their purchasing behavior. Psychographics include aspects such as:

  • Consumer attitudes and personality traits
  • Moral values and potential biases
  • Typical lifestyles
  • Hobbies and interests
face drawn on chalkboard with cogs and wheels

Typically, psychographic research methods include conducting surveys or focus groups. And while these methods may be time-consuming and expensive, the data obtained can help your business thrive on social media for years to come.

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