TikTok Testing Stories Feature to Compete With Instagram & Snapchat

Initially released by Snapchat in 2013, stories have since become a prominent feature on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. And with TikTok’s upsurge in popularity, adding a stories feature to their platform can be seen as a natural step toward further growing the social media app’s userbase.

Beta Testing Begins

As of now, TikTok Stories has only been made available to certain influencers on their platform. And from everything we have seen so far, the feature seems to function almost identically to stories integrations on competing social media platforms. TikTok has yet to say when this feature will be released to all users, but it’s probable the full rollout will happen before the end of Q3 on September 30.

TikTok logo

Keeping up With the Evolution of Social Media

Social media platforms are continuously evolving, adding new features and tweaking their algorithms on a daily basis. At Electric Bricks, our team of dedicated social media experts can help your business stay ahead of the game, optimizing your digital marketing strategy.

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