Instagram Is Intensifying Competition With TikTok and YouTube

Widely known as a photo sharing app, Instagram may be shifting toward user generated video content in an attempt to pick up some market share from competitors like TikTok and YouTube. The continuously expanding number of social media apps and platforms makes it necessary for brands to evolve alongside internet culture in order to maintain relevancy in this competitive space. So, what does this mean for Instagram?

Instagram’s Upcoming Evolution

Adam Mosseri, former executive at Facebook and the current head of Instagram, posted a video in late June, delving into some potential updates to the Instagram app. In the video, which can be seen below, Mosseri literally states, “we’re no longer a photo-sharing app.”

Instagram social media management

What Does This Actually Mean for the Instagram User Experience?

To be clear, Instagram is most definitely a photo sharing app and will continue to be a photo sharing app. The potential updates discussed by Mosseri are somewhat ambiguous, and since posting that video he has stated there are no plans to ditch the photo sharing features on the Instagram app. As these updates are in the testing phase, you may see a slight increase in video content on your feed in the near future. And although farther down the line you may begin to see significantly more videos on Instagram, their end goal is enhancing user experience. Just because they are attempting to give TikTok and YouTube fanatics a reason to log in to Instagram more often, Instagram is [hopefully] not going to abandon the features embraced by current users.

How Can My Business Prepare For the Upcoming Instagram Updates?

Depending on the type of business you run, Instagram may play a critical role in building brand awareness and attracting new leads. After conducting further research and speaking with other digital marketing professionals about the upcoming changes to Instagram’s platform and potential algorithm updates, I came up with some tips to help businesses successfully adapt.

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Don’t Stop Creating

If your business already has an active Instagram presence that successfully engages users, keep it up! What you’re doing works. In fact, you might need to start doing more which brings us to the next tip…

Add Video to Your Instagram Repertoire

Maybe you already post videos to your business’s Instagram account. Whether or not that’s the case, you should consider creating new video content, focusing on engaging current and potential followers. No matter if you are posting to IGTV, Reels, or your Story, Instagram’s upcoming changes are likely to include tweaks to their algorithm that push engaging video content to a broader audience. Instagram wants its users to continuously be active, so it is important to interact with anyone commenting on your posts, keeping them coming back to your content which in turn keeps them coming back to Instagram.

Go Live

As you may already know, Instagram enables you to live stream your videos, enabling users to interact with you in real time. When you start a live stream, the app notifications are prominent and more likely to be seen by your followers. With that said, you should have some content prepared; because unless you’re an improv actor, you’re likely to have moments of dead air that prompt viewers to lose interest and swipe to other content.

Need Social Media Assistance?

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