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In this very surreal moment, I wanted to take a moment to let all of our friends and clients know that we sincerely hope you all stay healthy and take the necessary precautions to keep yourselves, your families, and your coworkers that way. And while we at Electric Bricks have no illusions that the services we provide are in any way critical or even entirely necessary at a time like this, I wanted to extend any hand I can to my fellow small business owners at a time when we are all feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety, not just about the health of our loved ones, but about the health of our companies. The economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have cannot be underestimated, and I have a feeling that small business owners, like us, will bear the brunt of the fallout. But, like you, I’m not going down without a fight!

Staying in Touch with Your Customers

We understand that you may need to communicate with your customers to alert them about changes in your business or to advise them of service or delivery disruptions. That’s the kind of thing we help our clients do every day – get information out there. And we can, and are, helping many of our clients do exactly that during this crisis. If you need help or are unsure how to get the word out about how your company needs to respond to current events, Electric Bricks can help.

We Are Working Remotely But Fully Operational

The CDC and other government health agencies have all recommended that we observe “social distancing” to help prevent or slow the spread of the Coronavirus, and I, as owner of Electric Bricks, have decided that they are way smarter than me and it’s probably a really good idea to listen to them, so I closed our office in Patchogue for the time being. I’ve asked all office personnel to work from home until it makes sense to do otherwise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with us.

How to Reach Us

cloud services

What It Means to Be Digital

Obviously, Electric Bricks is a digital company. All of the tools and resources we use every day to build and manage your websites, social media accounts and more are naturally all internet-based. In addition to that, the infrastructure to our office is also completely cloud-based. That means that all of us have complete access to all the resources of our office from anywhere that we have a computer and an internet connection. All of our files, databases, and other elements necessary to operate are available to us securely no matter where we are. And even the communication tools we use in the office can also be used remotely, so we are all connected and collaborating just like we normally do.

Rest assured that all projects currently in the works, and there are many, are still moving forward. We are continuing to design and build beautiful new websites, write amazing content, manage social profiles, and monitor Google Ad accounts. It is literally business as usual for us at Electric Bricks.

We Will Get Through This!

In closing, I just want to say again that I truly hope everyone remains calm and healthy. Don’t do anything potentially unsafe or unnecessary, try to keep a clear head and keep this all in perspective, and maybe share some toilet paper with a neighbor. We’re at our most powerful when we’re all working together.

My personal best to all of you and your loved ones.
Keith Paul – Owner, Electric Bricks

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