Easing the Burden (Somewhat) During These Crazy Times

This is a message to all of Electric Bricks’ clients. So, raise your hand if you’re thinking about cash-flow right now. I know I am. It’s the grease that keeps our machines running smooth. But right now, when the whole world feels like it’s holding it’s breath, cash may be in short supply. I know many of our clients provide products or services that are not considered “essential”. That means you either had to close your store or office completely (and indefinitely), or your trying to operate remotely (if you can) and hang on to your employees until the dust settles. Electric Bricks is in the same boat but, it the spirit of “we’re all in this together”, because I truly believe that we are, I am instituting the following changes that will hopefully make some small difference for you.

Updated Billing Policies:

Credit Cards Will Now Be Accepted for All Outstanding Invoices

As many of you know, Electric Bricks does not typically accept credit cards. I am lifting that restriction until this crisis is over. All invoices will now be payable by credit card in addition to ACH and, of course, by check. There will be no “convenience fee” added to any credit card payment. All we ask is that if you can afford to pay by check, you do so.

Extended Terms for Hard-Hit Businesses

If you are one of those businesses that needed to shut down during this crisis, we don’t want to see you eliminate what may be the only form of advertising you do because cash isn’t moving right now. This will eventually come to an end, so rather than abandon your website or other marketing efforts, we want to see you stay active so you can emerge from this even stronger. So, for businesses that need it, we are extending our typical 30-day terms to 60 days or more on a case-by-case basis. All we ask is that you email us at to make arrangements.


Shared Sacrifices

Please understand that Electric Bricks is a small business, too. So when I say we understand what you’re going through, I mean it. We’re living it, too. We are all working remotely and keeping all projects moving forward during this challenging time. And the last thing any of us wants is to lay off workers, or worse, to shutter our business permanently because of this. The Coronavirus pandemic is not something we accounted for in our business plans but I firmly believe that if we all try to help each other out we can all survive!

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any question or concern. As I mentioned in a previous post, all calls to our office (631-909-1004) are getting forwarded to my personal cell phone. If I don’t pick up, leave a message. It just means I’m helping another small business owner just like you.

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