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Electric Bricks Ranked as a Top 20 Web Design Firm on DesignRush

We are very proud to announce that DesignRush has ranked Electric Bricks as one of the Top 20 Website Design Firms in New York for 2021! DesignRush reviews and ranks hundreds of agencies across the country to help small businesses find web design and digital marketing firms that stand out. And now the world knows what we’ve known all along – Electric Bricks is one of the best website design and digital marketing agencies in New York!



Happy Holidays & a VERY Happy New Year from Electric Bricks

Wishing You a Safe Holiday Season & a Fantastic 2021!

From our families to yours, we hope that 2021 brings you peace, comfort, and joy.



Happy Thanksgiving from Electric Bricks

From all of us at Electric Bricks, we hope you have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Please note that our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, reopening Monday, November 30th.



Adapting to the “New Normal” with Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us. The ways in which we live our lives have taken a dramatic shift, and many of these changes may be continuing far into the future. So how can businesses learn from these uncertain times to adapt for maximized success in the years to come?



Easing the Burden (Somewhat) During These Crazy Times

This is a message to all of Electric Bricks’ clients. So, raise your hand if you’re thinking about cash-flow right now. I know I am. It’s the grease that keeps our machines running smooth. But right now, when the whole world feels like it’s holding it’s breath, cash may be in short supply. I know many of our clients provide products or services that are not considered “essential”. That means you either had to close your store or office completely (and indefinitely), or your trying to operate remotely (if you can) and hang on to your employees until the dust settles. Electric Bricks is in the same boat but, it the spirit of “we’re all in this together”, because I truly believe that we are, I am instituting the following changes that will hopefully make some small difference for you.

Updated Billing Policies:



Open for Business, Ready to Help

In this very surreal moment, I wanted to take a moment to let all of our friends and clients know that we sincerely hope you all stay healthy and take the necessary precautions to keep yourselves, your families, and your coworkers that way. And while we at Electric Bricks have no illusions that the services we provide are in any way critical or even entirely necessary at a time like this, I wanted to extend any hand I can to my fellow small business owners at a time when we are all feeling a tremendous amount of anxiety, not just about the health of our loved ones, but about the health of our companies. The economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have cannot be underestimated, and I have a feeling that small business owners, like us, will bear the brunt of the fallout. But, like you, I’m not going down without a fight!



Welcome to the Electric Bricks Office

We moved into our new office, located at 180 East Main Street, Suite 105A in Patchogue, back in June of 2019. That was less than a year ago, and it’s amazing to look back and see everything we’ve accomplished since we first walked through the front door.



Moriches Field Brewery Visits the EB Office

Since opening our new office in Patchogue many of our clients have stopped in just to say hello or to meet with us to discuss their future marketing plans. Yesterday we had a visit from Rich Flynn, the owner of Moriches Field Brewing Company. We recently launched his new website and he came in to spend some time learning some best practices.



Keeping Our Motor Running

Since opening our new office in Patchogue (we’ll be posting more about our recent renovation soon), we’ve been literally swamped with work. From designing and building new websites to helping our clients grow their business and get found by advertising with Google Ads. Everyone here at Electric Bricks has been working extra hard and making sure we continually exceed our clients’ expectations. So, to make sure no one runs out of steam, we just got in a shipment of official Electric Bricks coffee mugs! These beauties will keep us sharp and well-caffeinated through all the work on our plate and many more projects to come.



The Most Dedicated Employee at Electric Bricks

At Electric Bricks, we are fortunate to have many talented and devoted employees. Every day they bring their creativity and expertise to tackle all of the unique challenges our clients bring to us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without them we wouldn’t exists. But there is one that’s been here longer than anyone else and goes above and beyond in ways no other worker ever could. And since today is National Dog Appreciation Day, it’s time to recognize that special employee – my dog, Nina.