Was Your Website a “Once-and-Done?”

If the answer is yes, your competitors may be quickly passing you by! Whether you just created a new website for your company or finished it up a year ago (or longer), when was the last time that you updated it or checked it against your competitors?

As consumers increasingly do everything online (comparing services, shopping and other activities), their attention span is becoming shorter than ever. Is your website keeping up with times? Too often companies set up their site and then do little to refresh its look, update the information or even test that all functions are in working order. If you want to maintain customer loyalty and attract new customers, it’s crucial to monitor your site on a regular basis.

Below Is a Handy Checklist That Can Help Keep Things Running Smoothly!


How long does it take certain features to load? Believe it or not, if it isn’t pretty much spontaneous, the visitors to your site will move on. If this is the first impression, it won’t be a good one and can erode the trust of a potential new customer.

New Products/Old Products

When is the last time that you conducted an audit to ensure that not only do you have your new products featured, but that you also have your existing products up-to-date? Any items that are no longer available should be removed immediately.

Social Media

Using social media channels can be a very effective way to increase your consumer base and highlight your products and services. Too many times companies add social media icons that go nowhere, or if they do, only show old content. This is a glaring signal to viewers that your company is not current and that you may run your company the way you run your social media.

fix your slow website

Product Photos

How often do you update the photos on your site? With high-end phone cameras and easily available stock photos, there is no reason why you can’t quickly swap in/out the featured pictures. The more you can switch up the appearance of your site, the more you will give off the impression that your company is up-to-the-minute and attract new visitors.


Posting short, relevant articles is a great way to educate your customers and provide news about your products and services. Blogs are usually one of the best-read sections of any site as visitors like to feel that they are keeping up to date on the topics that interest them. The article does not always have to cover a topic tied to your specific company, but can instead relay general information about the industry related to your business.

website maintenance list

Take a Look at Your Competitors

It’s very tempting to say that what is on your site is good enough. Don’t fall into that trap! If you do, you will be shortchanging the potential of your company. It’s always a good idea to take a look at your competitors to see what they are doing to stay ahead of everyone and engage new visitors on their sites. Doing that even occasionally is the fastest way to see what you aren’t doing!

 Schedule a Regular Maintenance Calendar

If you take the time to regularly maintain and freshen up your site, it will become an integral part of growing your business. Even if you picked just one topic above and devoted fifteen minutes to it each month, you will quickly realize how helpful this will be towards the long-term care and upkeep of your site!

Outsourcing Website Maintenance

Of course, we understand that at the end of the day, you just may not have time to do the necessary maintenance to your website to keep it healthy and fresh. Most small business owners are busy, well, running their businesses. That’s where Electric Bricks comes in. Our team of content writers, website managers, and social media experts can help you with all of this and more. And we can do it for a lot less than you think. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll be happy to show you real-world examples of work we’re doing with many of our clients, giving them back the time to do what they do best – grow their companies.

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