Website Backups – A Critical Line of Defense for Your Website

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This post is directed at all current and future Electric Bricks clients.

As part of your website hosting and maintenance package (H&M), Electric Bricks regularly backs up your site files and database as an important safety measure. These backups are a critical part of your website management service and help ensure your site stays safe and can be restored in the event of a hacking attempt, malware attack, server crash, or user error. We did extensive research and testing, and an issue that we’ve discovered is that most WordPress backup software (including the software we were previously using) can have an adverse effect on server and site performance due to the way they work. They use up a lot of server resources and can sometimes slow a site down or cause other issues. Because of this, Electric Bricks is changing (and improving) the software and methodology we use to manage the backups we do for you.

New & Improved Site Backup Options

We have started using a backup software system that not only performs much better, using very little server resources, but gives us the option to add additional backup routines for clients with busier sites that may need a more robust backup solution. Here are the new options:

Basic Backup – For Infrequent Content Updates

For most sites, we will backup all site files and database once per month. These backups are stored in the cloud, and we can quickly restore a site directly from the backup should the need arise.

  • There is no additional cost to your H&M to stay with this backup routine – H&M + $0
website backups

Backup Plus – For More Frequent Content Updates

For busy sites (websites where there are weekly blog posts or other content updates) we can offer more frequent backups – weekly or as often as once per day.

  • Weekly or Daily Backups: there is an additional $10/month charge for this routine that would be added to your current H&M fee – H&M + $10 

Backup Power – For E-Commerce & Heavy Bloggers

For even busier sites (e-commerce sites where customer orders need to be protected, or sites where there are daily blogs or other frequent content updates) we can perform updates every 12 hours, every 6 hours, or even every hour.

  • 12-Hour Backups: H&M + $12
  • 6-Hour Backups: H&M + $15
  • Hourly Backups: H&M + $20

On top of these improved options, backups will now be saved for up to 90 days.

As of right now, most Electric Bricks clients are on the basic, once-per-month backup plan. We will be reaching out to those clients who we think should be considering a more robust backup solution. But you can feel free to contact us anytime to discuss this.

While everyone can stay on the basic, monthly plan included with their H&M if they choose, we strongly encourage you to consider your business carefully. The best advice we can give is to think about the impact to your business if you don’t have a good (recent) backup and your site gets compromised. While we have many anti-hacking and other protective measures in place for all of our clients, nothing is completely bulletproof. Your site could still get hacked, go down, or experience data loss. Having a recent backup could mean the difference between business as usual and the nightmare of trying to recapture lost business.

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