Is Image Diversity in Website Design Important?

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Image diversity may not be something we commonly think about; however, the specific imagery and photographs featured on your website can lower bounce rates while increasing website conversions. Your website imagery should have the capacity to speak to people of all types and backgrounds. While promoting cultural awareness and veering away from biases, diversifying your website’s images also builds trust and increases visitors’ engagement. This article will specifically focus on maintaining diversity when choosing images from a stock photo source.

Where to Find More Inclusive and Diverse Stock Images for Your Website Design?

If you happen to be using a stock photo site that is not explicitly geared toward diversity, you may have to use specific search terms to find more inclusive imagery.

diverse group of people posing around office table

Brands can play a big role in fighting symbolic annihilation, reversing negative stereotypes in media, and championing inclusivity simply by changing a few images on their homepage. In doing so, they can open their reach to customers of all demographics and further position themselves on the right side of history.


A website is your digital space to promote your business, but it can also work as a tool to advocate for equality.

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