Does Font Matter On My Website?

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One of the most overlooked features on any website is the font size and style. If your website is too difficult for the average person to comfortably view, you could be losing customers before they even learn what makes your company or product unique. This crucial design decision should not be made casually, but instead with direction from a seasoned design professional.

Four key components that can make a difference:

Size: Some people make the mistake of using a font size that is too large. This makes it difficult for a viewer to know where to focus first and can serve to dilute the impact of your messaging. Selecting a large font size can result in having the wording take up too much room and force the reader to page endlessly in order to cover all of the featured material.

Style: The best rule of thumb is the simpler the better. While some designers try to use unique font styles in an attempt to make their brand stand out, the bottom line is that a website is more interesting to visitors when they can quickly skim the material, a feat usually done when a recognizable font is offered.
Some popular fonts include Roboto, Raleway and Source San Pro.

Headings: Sometimes it’s challenging to narrow down which items need to be highlighted on your website. That’s why it’s crucial to carefully edit the content in advance of actually designing the site. Featuring too many headlines makes it difficult for a visitor to understand what’s really important about your products or what makes your company unique.

Color: While it’s tempting to use bold colors to make an impact or help your wording to stand out, it can often distract from the important information and messaging contained on the site. Color should be considered a compliment to the overall design of your site and not the main attraction.

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