Responsive Web Design With Advanced UI Functionality

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When properly executed, the form and functionality of a website work together to meet a company’s business goals, while simultaneously building confidence in the brand and highlighting their expertise to potential customers. From a marketing perspective, that can be a tall order to fill. To that end, a website’s user interface (UI) can play a significant role in how people perceive your brand. This is especially true for one of our most recent clients, Wellgate Technologies. As experts in custom software development specializing in mobile apps, Wellgate needed a web design that could successfully portray the high-tech nature of what they do and their own design and development proficiency.

Wellgate Technologies
Wellgate Expertise webpage design

Interactive Website Design

Wellgate Technologies wanted a homepage design that not only conveyed what they do, but also the excitement and break-neck pace of mobile app and software development technology. By combining targeted messaging with high-resolution video elements and interactive UI design, we were able to deliver a homepage that truly makes the point that Wellgate Technologies is on the bleeding edge of their space.

The end result? A fun, exciting, mobile-friendly website that is already helping Wellgate build trust in their brand and attracting new clients.

Wellgate Technologies embedded video
Wellgate Technologies responsive homepage

Web Design That Blends Form With Function – Naturally

Every website we design is unique and built to meet the client’s specific business goals, including persuasive calls to action that speak directly to their target market. Our web design team takes special care to ensure that the website’s UI and UX work synergistically, with a look and feel that achieve their desired purpose.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and let’s work together to design a website that helps turn potential customers into new business for you.

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