Web Development

Responsive Web Design With Advanced UI Functionality

When properly executed, the form and functionality of a website work together to meet a company’s business goals, while simultaneously building confidence in the brand and highlighting their expertise to potential customers. From a marketing perspective, that can be a tall order to fill. To that end, a website’s user interface (UI) can play a significant role in how people perceive your brand. This is especially true for one of our most recent clients, Wellgate Technologies. As experts in custom software development specializing in mobile apps, Wellgate needed a web design that could successfully portray the high-tech nature of what they do and their own design and development proficiency.



Web Design the Right Way

At Electric Bricks, we develop websites that are 100% unique. Our custom-built WordPress websites never use cookie-cutter themes and are always designed and developed to present your business in a way that is sure to build trust in your brand and help you do business better with your clients.



Site Development Featuring Location-Based Search

There are many reasons it makes sense to incorporate a location-finder on a website. The most common example is a retail chain with multiple locations. Customers may want an easier way than Google to find the one closest to them. They just enter their zip code and the “store finder” finds the nearest locations, usually ordered by distance. Another good example is a professional organization with many members, each having their own brick-and-mortar establishment. Potential customers want to search only these members since they belong to this trusted organization. That is exactly what the New York State Chiropractic Association’s (NYSCA) Suffolk County chapter needed – an easy way for patients to find participating doctors close to them.



Web Design With Advanced Database Features

Web development and creating websites with custom functionalities is at the core of what we do at Electric Bricks. More than just designing a pretty site, custom web development allows us to solve the unique challenges our clients face and helps them stand out from their competition. When Long Island Lacrosse Journal approached us for a site with a custom database to accurately track and report statistics for every single Long Island high school lacrosse team, game, and player we were eager to roll up our sleeves and get to work.



Website Design Featuring Secure Payments for Donations

The Electric Bricks web development team has built a wide array of websites featuring secure e-commerce functionality. But what if you aren’t selling a physical product, and need a way to accept secure payments for donations or digital subscriptions? Maureen’s Haven recently came to us looking for a solution like this.



The Last Days of Flash

A few years ago, Adobe announced it would stop supporting, updating, and distributing Flash Player by the end of 2020. Google Chrome and other popular browsers are set to stop supporting Flash this year, as well. And although Flash integration has decreased, there are still an estimated 100 million websites using this soon-to-be-extinct technology.



The Importance of ADA Website Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to prohibit discrimination against people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

The ADA was initially signed into law to address and enforce three main issues nationwide:

  • Equal employment opportunity standards
  • Equal access to state and local government services (i.e. public transportation and public housing)
  • Equal access to public accommodations and commercial facilities (i.e. grocery stores, hotels, etc.)

The Standards for Accessible Design were added to the ADA in 2010, and over the past decade the regulations laid out within this addendum have been legally interpreted to encompass website accessibility.



Moriches Field Brewery Visits the EB Office

Since opening our new office in Patchogue many of our clients have stopped in just to say hello or to meet with us to discuss their future marketing plans. Yesterday we had a visit from Rich Flynn, the owner of Moriches Field Brewing Company. We recently launched his new website and he came in to spend some time learning some best practices.



Four Important Things to Do Before You Design a New Website

Designing a new web site for your small business is a creative and subjective process. No matter what ultimate vision you have for your brand, there are four things you can do before the actual construction starts that will not only save you time and money, but also ensure that the entire process flows smoothly from beginning to end.