Site Development Featuring Location-Based Search

There are many reasons it makes sense to incorporate a location-finder on a website. The most common example is a retail chain with multiple locations. Customers may want an easier way than Google to find the one closest to them. They just enter their zip code and the “store finder” finds the nearest locations, usually ordered by distance. Another good example is a professional organization with many members, each having their own brick-and-mortar establishment. Potential customers want to search only these members since they belong to this trusted organization. That is exactly what the New York State Chiropractic Association’s (NYSCA) Suffolk County chapter needed – an easy way for patients to find participating doctors close to them.

Suffolk NYSCA website homepage

Advanced Search With Integrated Geolocation

The Challenge

The Suffolk County NYSCA chapter needed a website to allow new potential members to get information on joining, let existing members keep track of meetings and important NYSCA news, and wanted an advanced search tool to help website users find qualified chiropractors within their area.

The Solution

Electric Bricks developed a comprehensive website with valuable member information and integrated Google Maps with Suffolk NYSCA’s database of highly qualified chiropractors. The user-friendly, location-based search tool quickly finds doctors based on zip code and conveniently orders the results based on distance and also provides a handy link to get more information or directions to any office.

Suffolk NYSCA website location search

Custom Website Development That Works for You

Every business or organization has its own special needs or challenges when it comes to developing a website. While for some, a “simple” brochure-style site is sufficient, many need more advanced tools and functionalities that allow end users to do more. Whether it’s a location finder or some other sophisticated content searching functionality, Electric Bricks has the experience to get your project done. Contact us today so we can build the website your business needs.

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