The Most Dedicated Employee at Electric Bricks

At Electric Bricks, we are fortunate to have many talented and devoted employees. Every day they bring their creativity and expertise to tackle all of the unique challenges our clients bring to us. It’s not an exaggeration to say that without them we wouldn’t exists. But there is one that’s been here longer than anyone else and goes above and beyond in ways no other worker ever could. And since today is National Dog Appreciation Day, it’s time to recognize that special employee – my dog, Nina.

Nina helping with office renovation
Nina helping out with the recent office renovation at Electric Bricks

A Dog is the Definition of Devotion

As I’m sure many of you can relate, the relationship between us and our dogs is unlike any other. Our dogs love us without condition. Some people say it’s because we feed them but I refuse to accept that. I have no question that Nina feels true love for me and my family and here’s how I know.

She Never Says No

Like any good employee, Nina is always ready, no matter what I ask of her. Her enthusiasm is truly inspiring. For instance, it doesn’t matter what time of day I roll out of bed, her feet hit the floor right after mine and she’s by my side ready to go. If I want to take her for a walk at 4am, she’s ready. If she’s taking her afternoon nap and I tell her we’ve got to run to the post office, she jumps up. She never puts her own needs above mine and wants nothing more than to help out in any way she can.

She’s There for Moral Support

I don’t have to tell you that running a small business can be stressful. But no matter how worn out I feel at the end of the day, Nina is there to lift me back up. When I walk through the front door, she makes sure I know that she’s happy to see me. From her furiously wagging tail to the way she leans in for a hug, there is absolutely no question that she’s ready to do whatever it takes to help me put the day behind me.

She Never Judges

Nobody is perfect – least of all me. We all make mistakes in life and in business. But no matter how badly I make a mess, Nina let’s me know it’s gonna be okay. With a well-timed twist of her head and and enthusiastic tail-wag, she reminds me that nothing is that bad and I should just take a breath and move on.

I could go on and on, but Nina’s giving me a look that says “don’t you have more important things to do right now?” So, I guess it’s time to get back to work. Just a reminder… even though today is National Dog Appreciation Day, make sure your four-legged workers know you appreciate them every day!

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