Let Us Introduce You to Your New Customers

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Are you struggling to find new customers? Are the numbers a bit (or a lot) lower than they should be? Are you wondering why the economy seems to be rocking and you’re not getting any of the action? The answer may be simple – someone else is getting the business before you ever get a shot. How do you change that? Get in front of potential customer before your competition does with search engine marketing.

Paid Search Works. Period.

The yellow pages are long gone. If you’re looking to grow your business and get more customers there is really only one logical way to do it these days – advertise where your customers are. Think of your own habits. When you’re looking for a product or service for yourself, where do you go? After you’ve asked all of your family and friends for advice (the one’s you think you can trust, anyway) you take out your phone and start Googling. We all do. It’s too easy and you can do a lot of research in a relatively short amount of time.

People who need your products or services are doing the same thing. Right now. This very minute. In fact, it’s a safe bet that right this second someone is searching Google for exactly what you sell. And if you’re not advertising, they will never find you.

Let PPC & Paid Search Introduce You to Your New Customers

More Customers = More Business

Sounds logical, right? The more customers you have, the more business you’re going to do. So, it only seems logical that you should be looking to grow your customer base as a means to growing your business. And the best way to do that is to make sure the people who want to buy what you have know you have it.

But going it alone with Google Ads (formerly AdWords) can be intimidating or feel like you just turned on a “money faucet.” Google Ads is incredibly powerful, but as anyone who’s ever tried to do it themselves can attest, the learning curve can be pretty steep. Poorly built or managed campaigns can cost a lot of money and yield little to no results. That’s why it makes sense to hire the experts at Electric Bricks to professionally build and manage your Google Ads campaigns and start getting you in front of new opportunities immediately. And, we’ll back up everything we do with analytical reporting that lets you easily see what’s working, how much it’s costing, and how much you’re making.

PPC Research That Answers the Question – “What’s This Gonna Cost Me?”

At Electric Bricks, we take it a step further. We start off every new campaign with a deep-dive competitive analysis that lets you understand the paid search landscape for the things you sell, in the area where you sell them. In other words, we can tell you how many people are actually searching for companies like yours every month, and how much it would cost to be on page one of every one of those searches. That’s powerful information! And we give it to you FREE. Why? Because we’re confident that you’ll see the benefits of working with Electric Bricks to grow your business with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on Google Ads.

Still not sure? No problem. Reach out to us and let us answer any other questions you still have. There’s never a hard sell at Electric Bricks. Our first priority is to always make sure you understand your options and are comfortable with the strategy. Fill out the form below or give us a call (631-909-1004) and let’s see how many new customers we can introduce you to today!

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