Curating Imagery and Content for Your Social Media Posts

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With millions of social media posts published daily, having the right content curation strategy is a must if you are trying to bring the most value to your audience.

How to Curate the Perfect Images and Content for Social Media

While having visually appealing images or inspirational quotes grab attention, make sure everything you curate for your brand aligns with what your audience is looking for. Republishing the right content can help you establish yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about and stays on top of industry trends.

Curating information should also be about striking the right balance. Of course, you want to share valuable industry tips, but adding your own unique content will help your audience remember you from the thousands of other similar brands. According to Hootsuite, a solid ratio should be 40% original and 60% curated content to showcase your brand voice while sharing other helpful content for your audience to consume.

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A Solid Curation Strategy Will Boost Your Social Media Presence

Do you need help coming up with a curation plan? Our social media marketing specialists can help you create a strategy that will help you give value to your audience and increase your sales.

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