Website Management Quick Tip #3: Take Pictures of Everything You Do

As a small business owner, you’re constantly helping clients, making products, performing services, or whatever else you do during the normal course of your day. And while these tasks may seem somewhat mundane, it’s a good idea to take as many pictures as you can – of everything – even if you don’t know right away where you may use them.

We All Know, A Picture Speaks So Much Louder than Words

Your website and social media profiles should be living, breathing representations of your business and one of the best ways to give them life is with photos of your day-to-day operation. Maybe you’re a contractor who just finished a bathroom renovation. Write up a short paragraph or two about the project and add in some of those pictures and you’ve got a great, visually engaging mini-blog and Facebook post. The photos will give the reader real context and help tell the story.

Do you have a group of operators answering phones and providing customer support? Take a few shots of them hard at work helping customers and you’ll be showing off how great your team is and how your call center provides such valuable service.

Maybe you’ve got a medical practice and you just got a new piece of diagnostic equipment. The average patient may not know exactly what it is, but when they see the picture they will know that you’re growing and staying up on the latest technology.

It’s So Fast & Easy Nowadays

Now that everyone carries a high-resolution camera with them everywhere they go, it’s easier than ever to build a library of photos that you can use anytime you want to update your website or share something on social media. Keep your phone handy and look for opportunities to snap a few pics. Don’t worry about if or where you’ll use them. Just keep saving them and eventually you may find an appropriate time to post them.

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