Keith Paul

Building his graphic arts roots working with Fortune 500 companies and large national brands in the graphic communications and commercial offset printing business in the early nineties, Keith Paul has a decades-long history of helping clients improve or develop an image that builds trust in their brand. Working for one of the largest commercial printers in Manhattan, he also got introduced to the world of website and software development when the company took the leap into the internet when it was still in its infancy.

Keith likes to say that he’s been building websites for as long as there’s been an internet, and it’s true. Since the dial-up days, he’s been building, designing, adapting, and growing as the technology has evolved. He has been accused of being both left- and right-brained – a talented and creative graphic artist with a logical and analytical computer programmer’s mentality.

As the creative art director and chief project manager, Keith has his hands in every project that Electric Bricks does. No site gets launched without his involvement and every client, no matter the size, knows they can speak to him at any time.

Keith was originally from Long Island and now resides in Maryland with his wife, Lisa. Skiing with his family, traveling, and relaxing on the beach are his passions. That, and a good sci-fi novel (when he has time!).

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