Responsive Web Design – Sites Built with Mobile in Mind

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So What is Responsive Design?

Mobile is everywhere – literally. Take a look around you the next time you’re in a mall, at an airport, or on a train platform. Everyone is on a device. And if your site doesn’t work well on small screens customers aren’t going to waste their time. The idea behind responsive design is simple: a website should transform itself and adapt to the device it’s being viewed on. So no matter what a visitor is looking at your site on – an iPhone, a tablet, or a laptop – your site looks beautiful and is easily readable.

responsive-boxesTo see a good example of this, just check out this website. Open on both your computer and your phone. You’ll see it takes advantage of responsive design by scaling images and text dynamically to fit appropriately to smaller devices. Certain things, like the homepage slider, are discarded on most phones since they take up too much space and aren’t necessary. Navigation is also simplified on a phone since visitors will just want to get to the most important content as quickly as possible. And the mobile version is very lightweight so it will use less bandwidth and load faster.

Can My Site Be Responsive?

Absolutely! And it’s easier than you think. In fact, all new sites developed by Electric Bricks are responsive from the get-go! Your new site will look great on any device the day it’s launched.

And if you’re an existing EB client with a slightly older site we can easily adapt your current deign to a responsive one. Or maybe it’s time to think about a refresh of your layout. The new look will come with a dynamic layout that responds intelligently to whatever device it’s on.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us and we’ll help you figure out your mobile web strategy. It’ll be painless. Promise!

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