EB Custom Shortcodes

The EB Custom Shortcodes WordPress Plugin is designed for use with themes created specifically for Electric Bricks clients. It’s primary purpose is to provide additional shortcodes that allow for the display and formatting of various items on a site. Here is a list of the current shortcodes with a description of their functionality and their options.


This allows you to display a configurable number of links to recent blog posts. There are several attributes you can use to customize the output.



  • can be inserted into any page, post, or text widget
  • will retrieve the last 10 blog post titles as links and show their publication dates


This plugin can be customized in several ways by overriding the default attributes.


  • the number of posts to display
  • default value: 10


  • whether or not to show the publish date
  • default value: TRUE
  • set as bit value: TRUE=1, FALSE=0


  • whether or not to show the post’s excerpt
  • the post must actually have an excerpt for one to show
  • default value: FALSE
  • set as bit value: TRUE=1, FALSE=0



[eb-recent-posts numberposts=3]

[eb-recent-posts numberposts=2 showdate=0]

[eb-recent-posts numberposts=3 showexcerpt=1]

[eb-recent-posts numberposts=4 showdate=0 showexcerpt=1]