Get Found in Local Search

If you own a small business, especially one with a storefront or one that provides services to local communities, getting found in search engines like Google is critical. For instance, if you’re a plumber or a landscaper you probably have a particular geographic area that you service. And if you are a store owner you obviously do business within a specific community. When someone does a search for your products or services in your area you want your business to show up prominently. This is called local search and Electric Bricks can help.

Improving Your Position on Google Locally

A key component to any SEO (search engine optimization) strategy must include local search. It’s not enough anymore just to list the communities and neighborhoods where you do business on your website. Nowadays, search engines like Google need more information about you and your company in order to provide relevant search results to their end users.

Using a holistic approach, Electric Bricks can optimize your presence to improve your chances of coming up near the top of searches for your products or services. This involves making key changes to your website as well as using other online tools and services.

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