Email Marketing

Spam? I Think Not!

No one likes spam. Well, some people like the canned meat product, but almost no one likes unsolicited emails cluttering their inbox. Electric Bricks advocates for responsible email marketing. None of our clients send mass emails to purchased lists of unsuspecting recipients. Why? Because it’s bad for business – theirs and ours.

Email Marketing Done Right

Do you have a list of customers who you’ve done business with that you’d like to do more business with? Of course! The customer you have is much easier to sell to than the one you don’t know yet. Sending targeted emails to people who’ve opted in not only helps business but keeps your customers happy. This is the opposite of spam. They’ve asked to receive your emails because they want to do business with you.

Our email marketing system, called ebEMM, is designed to do most of the administrative work for you. It automatically handles all new subscribers and opt-outs, and it give you a huge number of reports to help you better understand if your email campaigns are having the impact you want. Among many other things, you’ll know:

  • who opened your email, when, and how many times
  • who clicked on a link
  • who forwarded it to a friend
  • who shared it on a social network, like Twitter or Facebook
  • and much more.

Do you have a large list of customers in Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook that you need to import? No problem! Do you need to divide up your list into specific segments or personalize each message for the person receiving it? No problem! Do you want to have your emails match the look and feel of your website for consistent branding? No problem! ebEMM is simple to use, extremely  versatile, and robust enough for any size list.

Contact us to learn how affordable ebEMM is and how you can put the power of direct email marketing to work for you!

Log Into ebEMM

If you are already a user of the Electric Bricks email marketing system log in here to manage your account.

Email Reporting You Can Really Use

Here are just a few of the reports you’ll have access to for every email you send: