Hosting & Maintenance

The Electric Bricks Hosting & Maintenance plan (H&M) is designed to keep your website running smooth and trouble-free with absolutely no effort on your part. Your website is not just a simple collection of HTML files and images, as it may have been years ago. Today, your site is a web-based database-driven application made up of literally tens of thousands of files containing code that gets executed on a high-availability web server linked to a powerful database server to produce fast, dynamic, feature-rich content.

Where is your time best spent? Testing and installing software on your website? Or running your business?

Why H&M is a Good Idea

A typical WordPress website has several main components:

  • The core WordPress application
  • Third-party plugins that extend and enhance the functionality of WordPress
  • One or more themes that define the look-and-feel of your website
  • A MySQL database to store all of your settings and written content
  • Hundreds or thousands of image files

All of this software needs to be kept up-to-date in order to prevent your site from getting a virus or getting hacked. The folks who write all that software (the developers at WordPress, the third-party developers who write the plugins, the developers at Electric Bricks, etc.) release regular patches and updates to keep you site and your data secure. If those patches and updates aren’t installed regularly your site is at risk.

Why Going it Alone is a Bad Idea

With so many moving parts there is the potential for things to go wrong. Occasionally, a plugin developer will release a patch that causes a problem or conflict with another plugin. Or it may just have some bug that prevents it from working correctly at all. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it can cause issues like your site looking weird, running slowly, some functionality not working correctly, or the entire site crashing.

With H&M from Electric Bricks, the responsibility of testing all that software is on us. And, if something does get past us and it creates a problem with your site, we fix it for free.

In addition to that, we also maintain 2 weeks of backups of all your files and your database in the event of a catastrophic failure. It’s rare, but it does happen. And there’s no charge to restore your entire site if that should occur.

What H&M covers each month:

  • Testing and installation of all patches and updates for the core WordPress application
  • Testing and installation of all patches and updates for all EB-installed third-party plugins
  • Testing and repair of any theme issues arising from WordPress or plugin updates
  • Two weeks of weekly file and database backups
  • Restoring your site from a backup in the event of data loss due to hosting environment failure, virus or malware, or software conflict
  • 30 minutes¹ ² of EB developer time to be used for:
    • content management
    • phone consultation

¹ Longer monthly terms are available. Please contact us to discuss H&M plans with more developer time.

² No roll-over

What H&M does not cover:

  • Design changes to your site
  • Installation or addition of new plugins or functionalities
  • Restoring your site from a backup in the event of data loss due to user error

H&M – It’s a “No-Brainer”

Running a business isn’t easy. You’ve already got enough on your plate. Do you really need the headache of managing the software and database that runs your website, too? A hosting and maintenance plan from Electric Bricks is a good value no matter how you add it up.