Do You Need IT Services? Trust an EB Partner

Faulty Computer Networks or Slow PCs Are Affecting Your Business

We’ve all gone through it. A painfully slow network. The dreaded BSOD. Pop-ups that just won’t stop. Or a PC that just won’t start. IT issues are the bane of every small business owner. But it’s hard to know who to trust with your sensitive computer data. So, you probably do like most and try to ignore the issues. Even though those issues are destroying your productivity and hurting your bottom line. But they don’t have to.

IT Geeks We Know. IT Geeks We Trust.

Here at Electric Bricks, we’re always getting asked to help out with computer problems. But, while we are pretty good with computers, fixing them is not really what we do. Even we rely on professionals to help and advise us when our equipment doesn’t work as expected. So, after decades of working in the IT industry, we’ve assembled a few professionals we trust enough to recommend to our clients.

Why are we bothering to share this? Simple. Electric Bricks wants to be a resource that can help our clients with everything IT- and marketing-related. Our philosophy is if you succeed, we succeed. We don’t mark up these services and we don’t get any finders-fee. We just want to help you find affordable, reliable IT support you so you can get back to business.

We know pros that can help with:

  • PC & server installation & maintenance
  • File storage & backups
  • Network design & wiring
  • Wireless networking
  • Phone systems
  • Copiers, printers, scanners & fax

And lots more.

IT partner services from Electric Bricks

Stop Suffering

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