Social Media Management

Are You Struggling with a Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business?

We don’t need to bore you with facts and statistics to demonstrate the growth of social media over the past decade; we all know how popular social media has become. But how can your business use social media to its full advantage and not consume all your time?

All-Encompassing Social Media Management Solutions

At Electric Bricks, our team of social media experts has the capacity to manage all of your business’ social media accounts.

Social Media Posting for Small Businesses

Our social media management plans include daily, weekly, or monthly post creation for any or all of your social media accounts. By creating engaging written content complete with corresponding imagery, Electric Bricks keeps your followers updated and engaged so you can focus on growing your business.

Facebook Page Management

Keeping your Facebook page updated with fresh content on a consistent basis helps boost brand awareness while engaging current and potential customers. Whether you have an upcoming event you’d like to promote, or you need us to come up with topics and correlating written content that appeal to your target market, Electric Bricks has you covered. We can also handle inbound messages to your Facebook page in order to boost your response rate, providing customer service when you can’t find the time to.

Facebook social media management
Instagram social media management

Instagram Profile Management

The Instagram community is a great place to post eye-catching imagery that reflects your brand image while sparking further interest in your business and its products. Our social media management team works hand-in-hand with our graphic designers to create standout content that speaks to your followers, not at them.

LinkedIn Business Page Management

With all the other social media platforms receiving so much attention, it’s easy to forget that LinkedIn gives your business the ability to speak directly to other business owners and professionals. Typically thought of as a professional networking site, LinkedIn has the power to push your content to niche sects of your target market.

LinkedIn social media management
Twitter social media management

Twitter Profile Management

Successfully getting your brand’s message out in 280 characters or less can be a difficult feat. Fortunately, Electric Bricks knows how to create concise, poignant tweets that reflect how your business wants to be portrayed in the public eye.

Social Media Account Creation

If your business has yet to join the social media community, now is the time to fix that. From securing the optimal profile URL or username, to crafting written profile content in your brand’s voice, our social media experts will have your new social media accounts looking professional and up and running quickly.

Social Media Profile Imagery

Our team of graphic design experts will give your social media profiles the professional look that inspires trust in your brand and help your business stand out from the crowd. Optimized for each social media platform’s specifications for profile imagery, our graphic design team creates images that give your social media presence an aesthetic edge. We can create profile avatars, banner images, post graphics, and more.

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